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The Spice Route

The Spice Route

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Thai, Middle Eastern, Poultry, Vegetables, Spices

The ‘history of spices is the history of trade’. In this class you will learn both the history and how to use spices in your cooking.

In this class you will learn to identify spices and how to use spices in your cooking.

The session will start with an introduction to spices including cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, pepper, ginger, galangal, and we will also highlight herbs/seeds used with spices for different cuisines. You will prepare a meal which will be eaten at the end of the session.

Sample Menu

  • Chermoulah & chermoulah chicken – chermoulah is a marinade and relish used in North Africa
  • Green Thai Curry Paste & Green Thai Vegetable Curry
  • Za’atar – a Middle Eastern herb/spice mixed served on flat breads and used generally on food
  • Cinnamon and cardamom buns (demonstrated by Charlotte)

You will eat a final meal of the food prepared with a glass of wine/non-alcoholic alternative. Leftovers can be taken home.

"Three times I had the chance to be invited at the Harborne Food School, three times I had the luck to experience a kind of magic. Southern Indian Cuisine, The Perfect English Dinner, Japanese Tofu Making. Hands-on cooking and there you are: actually seeing materialise in front of your eyes a masala dosa, a traditional English delicacy and a solid white block of soft tofu! Always in the company of curious and easy going fellow learners, we were guided by competent chefs (three times, three wonderful women), every class interspersed with lots of fun and humour. At the end of your class you'll eat what you cooked and share stories about flavours, spice and what tastes different around the world."

David Di Martino. A visitor to Birmingham from Milan