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Sushi Masterclass

Sushi Masterclass

Dates coming soon

Japanese, Fish, Rice

Sushi is the well known Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavoured cold rice served with a garnish of vegetables, egg or raw seafood.

This course provides you with the skills for making sushi at home. Sachiko will introduce you to the key Japanese ingredients and will also describe her preferred choice of suppliers for authentic ingredients including seaweed. You will learn how to cook sushi rice and add vinegar seasoning.

The session will also cover the knife skills required to prepare fish. A variety of vegetarian fillings and toppings will be used. Sachiko will then guide you to prepare nigiri and roll-sushi.

For those of you who are particularly health conscious, Sachiko will provide advice on using brown rice and other ingredients and will demo how to prepare miso soup from scratch.

The session will end with a meal of the sushi produced and during the last class we all took home at least a week’s worth of sushi! We welcome children accompanied by adults to this class.

Photo credits Pak Keung Wan @pkeungw (Instagram)

"Today I fulfilled a dream I've had for a long time which is to learn how to make sushi. The entire dynamic was extremely friend, really professional and very relaxed."

J Thompson