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Vegetarian classes

Bread Baking

Monday 27 June 2022, £85.00
Monday 26 September 2022, £85.00
Monday 7 November 2022, £85.00


Learn to proof, raise, knead and bake bread by hand without the use of artificial additives.

Japanese Tofu Making

Dates coming soon

Japanese, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Tofu

Chef Tutor, Sachiko Saeki, has received a ‘Tofu Master’ qualification from Japan to promote knowledge and cultural understanding of Japanese foods.

Plant Based Japanese Cooking

Monday 13 June 2022, £85.00
Monday 21 November 2022, £95.00

Japanese, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Tofu

In this class, you will learn to prepare food in the traditional dining style of Japanese Buddhists which is made without meat, fish or other animal products.

Positively Plant Based

Monday 6 June 2022, £95.00
Tuesday 5 July 2022, £95.00
Tuesday 11 October 2022, £95.00

Vegetarian, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices

More and more people are moving towards a plant based diet. We focus on menu planning, a variety of cooking techniques and recipes that are filling.

South Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Dates coming soon

Indian, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Spices, Pulses, Rice

The food we are familiar with at our local Indian restaurant represents a fraction of India's culinary diversity. South and North India differ greatly in cooking methods, key ingredients and spices used.

Vegetarian/Vegan Sushi

Monday 12 September 2022, £85.00

Japanese, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Rice

In this class you will learn the skills required to prepare a variety of vegetarian sushi styles at home

Middle Eastern Mezze

Tuesday 7 June 2022, £85.00

Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Herbs

In this class you will learn to prepare the dishes that make up a traditional Middle Eastern Mezze