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Pastry classes

Japanese Dumplings (Gyoza)

Friday 27 November 2020, £85.00

Japanese, Poultry, Pork

Gyoza and Shu-mai are types of dumpling originally from China but now firmly established favourites in Japan’s street and fast-food scene.

Soba noodles and tempura

Sunday 15 November 2020, £85.00

Japanese, Vegetables, Fish, Noodles

Soba has become very popular as part of low-gluten diets in the West.

Regional Italian Cooking

Saturday 14 November 2020, £135.00
Sunday 17 January 2021, £135.00
Sunday 7 March 2021, £135.00
Sunday 2 May 2021, £135.00
Sunday 4 July 2021, £135.00
Sunday 5 September 2021, £135.00
Sunday 7 November 2021, £135.00

Italian, Pasta, Vegetables, Rice

Chef Tutor, Mariella Bliss, is founder/owner of ‘Blissful Italian Food’ in Oxfordshire. As well as delivering classes in her village she travels the country sharing her love and deep knowledge of Italian food.