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Nutrition classes

Cooking for a healthy body and mind

Saturday 21 November 2020, £135.00
Saturday 2 January 2021, £135.00
Saturday 6 March 2021, £135.00
Saturday 3 April 2021, £135.00
Saturday 5 June 2021, £135.00
Saturday 7 August 2021, £135.00
Saturday 2 October 2021, £135.00
Saturday 4 December 2021, £135.00

Vegetarian, Bread, Vegetables, Herbs, Tofu, Pulses, Noodles, Chocolate

Chef tutor, Lydia Downey, aims to show you a way of shopping and stocking your kitchen to make life easier and economical when it comes to preparing simple nutritious meals, and will show you how to plan menus that are achievable.

Learn to cook the Mediterranean diet

Saturday 9 January 2021, £135.00
Saturday 12 June 2021, £135.00

Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Vegetables, Herbs, Fish, Pulses

The Mediterranean diet has received much attention as a healthy way to eat, and with good reason.

A Modern Way to Eat Pulses

Saturday 27 March 2021, £135.00

Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Pulses

Pulses and grains offer a wealth of health benefits but are simply not used enough. In this class, UN Ambassador for the Pulse, Jenny Chandler, will provide inspiration and sensational recipe ideas.

Positively Plant Based

Saturday 5 December 2020, £135.00
Saturday 6 February 2021, £135.00
Saturday 24 April 2021, £135.00
Saturday 3 July 2021, £135.00
Saturday 4 September 2021, £135.00
Saturday 6 November 2021, £135.00

Vegetarian, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, Tofu, Noodles, Chocolate

More and more people are moving towards a plant based diet. We focus on menu planning, a variety of cooking techniques and recipes that are filling.