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Modern Twists on Italian Classics

Modern Twists on Italian Classics

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Italian, Pasta, Bread

Learn to prepare fresh pasta, pasta fillings and sauces.

Italian food lovers enjoy fresh pasta and home-made fillings and sauces more than shop bought alternatives. In this class, Michelin starred Chef Tutor, Les Rennie, will teach you how to prepare the dough, shape (with and without a machine) and cook fresh pasta to perfection. You will also learn how to prepare Italian sauces from scratch and bake Italian bread.

Sample menu

  • Fresh homemade egg pasta
  • Fresh and dried homemade tagliatelle and spaghetti pasta
  • Filled and shaped pasta such as homemade ravioli and tortellini (without moulds)
  • Field mushroom, ricotta and rocket filling
  • Fresh basil pesto the best with shaved pistachios
  • Homemade Focaccia