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Middle Eastern Mezze

Middle Eastern Mezze

Saturday 10 October 2020, £135.00

Middle Eastern, Vegetarian

In this class you will learn to prepare the dishes that make up a traditional Middle Eastern Mezze

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Mezze is a style of eating which involves creating a number of sharing plates which can be eaten as an appetizer or as a main meal. Chef Tutor, Lydia, is passionate about this style of cooking and eating and will share her knowledge and skills to support you to prepare a wonderful diverse menu inspired by the foods of the Levant.

Mezze dishes are nutritious as well as tasty. Many of the Middle Eastern countries enjoying this culinary tradition are on the Mediterranean coastline (Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Turkey and Egypt) and olive oil, pulses, herbs, colourful vegetables all feature in the delicious menu you will prepare. You will prepare a Middle Eastern brunch followed by a Mezze Feast which you will enjoy with a glass of wine or alternative at the end of the day.

Sample Menu

Breakfast Mezze

  • Manakeesh with Za’atar and Cheese - Lebanese flatbreads with toppings
  • Ful medames - traditional breakfast fava beans)
  • Labneh - strained yoghurt, soft cheese

Main Mezze Feast

  • Falafel - traditional Israeli fried chickpea balls
  • Burekas - spinach and feta flaky pastries
  • Muhammra - roasted red pepper and walnut dip
  • Zaalouk - roasted aubergine and tomato salad
  • Beetroot Borani - beetroot yoghurt with mint and dill
  • Fattoush - fresh chopped salad with herbs and toasted pitta
  • Pink Pickles

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Saturday 10 October 2020
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