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Katsu Curry

Katsu Curry

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Japanese, Vegetables, Rice

Japanese modern flavours are influenced by many other countries and recently katsu curry has become as much a staple of the Japanese diet like sushi and tempura

Katsu one of the most popular choices made by British people in Asian inspired restaurants. Curry was introduced to Japan in the late 19th century by the British (probably the Navy who still observe the tradition of serving curry every Friday). It is a rich and well-balanced meal for people who require extra energy. It is relatively mild in heat compared to other curries and has a thick, smooth sauce.

Katsu is a popular deep fried food in Japan. You will learn to use panko to give the dish an outstanding crispness. Chef Tutor, Sachiko Saeki, will introduce you to oriental vegetables including lotus roots, oriental mushroom, kabocha and aubergine. You will learn to blend curry spices, prepare the roux for vegetable curry, learn how to prepare Japanese rice as well as chicken katsu to complete the dish. In Japan curry is often served with side pickles so you will also learn a quick method of making fukujin zuke.


  • Oriental vegetable katsu
  • Chicken katsu
  • Katsu curry sauce
  • Japanese white rice
  • Fukujin zuke pickles

You will enjoy a final meal of the food prepared.

"I attended my first class at the Food School earlier this week & although I had a sneaking feeling I was going to enjoy it, it was an evening that went beyond my initial expectations. From the moment you walk through the doors you feel welcome & there is such a warm & friendly feeling amongst the team there, one you could not " create " but comes naturally from like minded people with a passion for what they do."

Sharon Smith