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Tofu classes

Japanese Tofu Making

Tuesday 15 March 2022, £85.00
Tuesday 14 June 2022, £85.00

Japanese, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Tofu

Chef Tutor, Sachiko Saeki, has received a ‘Tofu Master’ qualification from Japan to promote knowledge and cultural understanding of Japanese foods.

Shojin Ryori

Monday 14 March 2022, £85.00
Monday 13 June 2022, £85.00

Japanese, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Tofu

Shojin ryori is the traditional dining style of Buddhist monks in Japan that grew widespread popularity with the spread of Zen Buddhism in the 13th century.

Cooking for a healthy body and mind

Monday 21 March 2022, £85.00
Tuesday 22 March 2022, £85.00
Monday 20 June 2022, £85.00
Tuesday 21 June 2022, £85.00

Vegetarian, Bread, Vegetables, Herbs, Tofu, Pulses, Noodles, Chocolate

Learn to shop and stock your kitchen to make life easier and economical when it comes to preparing simple nutritious meals, and will show you how to plan menus that are achievable.

Positively Plant Based

Monday 25 April 2022, £85.00

Vegetarian, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, Tofu, Noodles, Chocolate

More and more people are moving towards a plant based diet. We focus on menu planning, a variety of cooking techniques and recipes that are filling.