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Bread classes

Modern Twists on Italian Classics

Dates coming soon

Italian, Pasta, Bread

Learn to prepare fresh pasta, pasta fillings and sauces.

Bread Baking

Monday 26 September 2022, £85.00
Monday 7 November 2022, £85.00


Learn to proof, raise, knead and bake bread by hand without the use of artificial additives.

Mexican streetfood

Tuesday 1 November 2022, £95.00

Bread, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, Pork

The food of Mexico is vibrant, diverse and very varied across the regions. Street food is such a popular way of eating, and this class celebrate some of the very best flavours from Mexico, together with guidance on authentic ingredients and where to source them.

Cooking for a healthy body and mind

Monday 31 October 2022, £95.00

Vegetarian, Bread, Vegetables, Herbs, Tofu, Pulses, Noodles, Chocolate

Learn to shop and stock your kitchen to make life easier and economical when it comes to preparing simple nutritious meals, and will show you how to plan menus that are achievable.