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Indian Street Food

Indian Street Food

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From pani puri in New Delhi to pau bhaji in Mumbai and jhal muri in Calcutta to dosa in Cochin, India's streets are bursting with flavour.

Chef Tutor, Steve Heap, has travelled the length and breadth of the sub-continent tasting (nearly) everything this flavoursome region has to offer. You will start off learning the one dish everyone in the UK is familiar with: samosa. Below, we present a menu for the evening class and full day weekend class. You will enjoy the food prepared with optional Indian wine or beer at the end of the session.

Sample menu for evening class

  • Samosa & chutney- fried (or baked), stuffed, triangle shaped pockets enjoyed with coriander, mint, chilli chutney
  • Pav bhajhi - a Mumbai coffee house favourite. Mashed and delicious array of spiced vegetables served with buttery bread rolls.
  • Dhai bhalla chaat - a popular, unique and delicious serving of spongy dal fritters with a colourful, mouthwatering array of toppings.
  • Jhal muri - a spicy, puffed rice snack popular in West Bengal, Bangladesh and Orissa

Sample menu for full-day class

  • As above plus the following
  • Channa puri - a simple chickpea curry, served on puffed fried bread and with a simple side-salad
  • Masala dosa - a rice pancake made with fermented batter (prepared in advance of the session) and spiced potato
  • Masala chai - spiced, sugary milk tea.

It's fair to say, if you're calorie counting, then this may not be the class for you. If you're interested in learning to prepare Indian snack foods for special occasions, this is a fun and tasty class.

The image is of, friend of the Food School, Anna, enjoying channa puri in Pune.

Another friend of the food school, Nisha, shared a picture of a very large dosa shared by family members in Glasgow.

Chef Tutor, Steve, also shares pics of idli, dosa, puri and aloo.