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Good for your gut - New Class!

Good for your gut - New Class!

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Nourishing your gut is, as we are increasingly learning, important for maintaining overall physical and mental wellbeing.

This class will show you how to make and prepare a range of probiotic rich food and drink which will help nourish your gut. We will make and taste milk and water kefir, kombucha, sourdough saj flatbread, labneh, salad with toasted seeds and apple cider vinegar dressing and talk about ways to boost your gut health through small changes to your every day eating.

There will be probiotic drinks and starter cultures to take home and a light snack, consisting of a taste of everything we make at the end the session. Please note the session will cover an introductory talk on sourdough and we will make a sourdough flatbread. Unfortuantely, we will not have the time to expand further on the technicalities of sourdough baking, which is a course in itself.

Chef Tutor, Charlotte Pike is author of 'Fermented': a cookbook which explains how to incorporate fermented foods into everyday eating with delicious recipes that are easily achievable at home. Please bring jars with you to take home samples.

"'Fermenting adds delicious and complex flavours to food - think sourdough breads, beer and cheese...Fermented foods are alive with a variety of bacteria, making them a probiotic powerhouse that restores the flora in our gut, having positive effects on our immune system. For an easy-to-digest and informative guide, we love Fermented by Charlotte Pike.' - Good Housekeeping"

Good Housekeeping

"'the offerings I produced after the cookery session I had with Charlotte Pike, author of a new book on fermentation, were not only delicious but went down well with the family.'"

Dr Ellie Cannon, The Mail on Sunday