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Cooking with fish

Cooking with fish

Wednesday 21 October 2020, £100.00


During this class we will cover all the skills you need to buy and cook fish to perfection including filleting, gutting, cleaning, skinning, seasoning and scaling.

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This session starts with a demonstration. You then practice skills and prepare a variety of fish dishes.

You will prepare a whole round fish, a whole flat fish and a whole oily fish then cook using different cookery methods like, steaming, pan frying and roasting. You will focus on temperature control and timings to prepare delicate fish optimally and experiment with different flavours reflecting international cuisines.

Sample Menu

  • Practice in preparing and filleting flat (sole) and round fish (sea bass and mackerel)
  • Pan fried fish with gremolata
  • Roasted fish with spring onions, fennel and spices

You will consume a final meal of the fish prepared with a glass of wine or alternative.

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Wednesday 21 October 2020
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