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Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings

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Chinese dumplings, 饺子(jiaozi)sometime refers to as potstickers are a famous traditional Chinese dish.

Chinese dumplings are half-moon-shaped, soft, stuffed pasta-like ravioli. Dumpling shapes and fillings have cultural significance in China and are an essential part of national and public holidays including the annual Spring Festival.

Lei will take you through step by step and show you the ins and outs of how to make the perfect dumpling from scratch. The step by step stages and skills are as follows

  1. Making the dumpling dough and mastering the techniques of kneading
  2. Learning to roll out the perfect skin
  3. Preparing different flavor combinations. In this session you will prepare pork with Chinese cabbage and carrot with egg
  4. Learning different ways of folding the dumpling
  5. Practicing a few methods of cooking the dumpling (pan-fried, boiled and steamed)
  6. Preparing a delicious dipping sauce to serve alongside dumplings

The session will end with a meal of the dumplings produced and maybe leftovers to take home.