We will be re-opening the Food School as we emerge from lockdown. We are looking forward to exciting the local community about food, cooking classes and social activities. Birmingham has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and is experiencing big increases in unemployment. Many of the people affected worked in the hospitality sector. So, we have an idea and would like your feedback. If you complete the questionnaire, we will use your details to feedback on our decision moving forward and for no other reason.

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Charlotte Pike


I love teaching as I love meeting new students and sharing my knowledge, helping people to master their cookery skills and sharing lots of ideas to introduce exciting new recipes into their every day cooking. My recipes are inspired by my travels and the books I've written. I trained as a Chef at Ballymaloe in Ireland and my classes are often focused on mastering core skills in the kitchen, which I love, as it helps people to cook so much better at home every day.

Through my work writing about food, I've met and cooked with people all over the world, from famous chefs to people I've met in markets, in souqs, on farms all of whom have shared their secret family recipes with me and introduced me to new ingredients. This is the knowledge I share in my classes.

"I love the philosophy of the school & enjoyed talking with Robert & Shaleen. The Bread Baking class was brilliantly run by Charlotte; I would never have believed we'd get through as much as we did in three short {ish} hours & it's a real testament to her planning & teaching that I came away feeling I'd learnt so much. Can't recommend the school highly enough. Gorgeous place & lovely people. Can't wait to go back."

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Classes taught by
Charlotte Pike

Building Blocks

Thursday 16 September 2021, £85.00
Thursday 11 November 2021, £85.00


One of the best ways to improve your cooking is to understand the building blocks to success with some key recipes that will really transform your home cooking.

Good for your gut - New Class!

Wednesday 15 September 2021, £75.00
Wednesday 10 November 2021, £75.00

Middle Eastern

Nourishing your gut is, as we are increasingly learning, important for maintaining overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Dinner in 10, 20, 30

Wednesday 20 October 2021, £85.00
Thursday 16 December 2021, £85.00

Vegetables, Fish, Egg

This course will appeal to anyone experiencing time pressure on their daily life.

Spanish Tapas and Wine Tasting

Thursday 14 October 2021, £90.00
Thursday 9 December 2021, £90.00

Spanish, Poultry, Pork, Egg, Chocolate

Tapas is the meal you eat before the meal! The tapas experience is about small plates, drink and lots of conversation over long hours.

The Moroccan Kitchen

Thursday 7 October 2021, £85.00
Thursday 2 December 2021, £85.00

Moroccan, Poultry, Herbs, Spices, Pulses, Lamb

Moroccan cuisine combines the flavours of Andalucía with those of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine.

Beef classics. The perfect steak and stroganoff.

Thursday 23 September 2021, £90.00
Thursday 18 November 2021, £90.00


Executive Chef Tutor will start the session off with the Great British favourite – a demonstration of roast beef and accompaniments.

The Spice Route

Wednesday 22 September 2021, £85.00
Wednesday 17 November 2021, £85.00

Thai, Middle Eastern, Poultry, Vegetables, Spices

The ‘history of spices is the history of trade’. In this class you will learn both the history and how to use spices in your cooking.

Bread Baking

Thursday 8 July 2021, £75.00
Thursday 9 September 2021, £75.00
Thursday 4 November 2021, £75.00


Learn to proof, raise, knead and bake bread by hand without the use of artificial additives.

Knife Skills

Wednesday 8 September 2021, £85.00
Wednesday 3 November 2021, £85.00

Poultry, Vegetables, Herbs

Boost your confidence in the kitchen. Knives are the essential kitchen tool and every cook needs to get to grips with them.

Cooking with fish

Dates coming soon


During this class we will cover all the skills you need to buy and cook fish to perfection including filleting, gutting, cleaning, skinning, seasoning and scaling.

Edible Gifts

Dates coming soon


In this class, you will prepare and wrap a selection of edible treats to present as Christmas gifts.

Middle Eastern Feasts

Dates coming soon

Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Vegetables, Herbs, Pulses, Lamb

It’s a wonderful experience to sit around a table tearing bread and sharing a selection of dishes full of flavour.

Funky Up Your Veg (Winter)

Dates coming soon

Vegetarian, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices

It's January and you may be cutting back food consumption to deal with seasonal excess. STOP! There is one thing you can eat lots more of VEG

Christmas Baking

Dates coming soon


Haven’t made your Christmas cake yet? No fear Charlotte Pike to the rescue with her famous last minute Christmas-cake recipe.