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Birmingham food guide


BirmingYum - Moseley

Hope onto the number 1 (if you need thinking time) or cycle passed Arts and Crafts homes to Moseley

Moseley is often described as bohemian or leftie. In fact one of our Harbornite buddies refuses to visit for fear of being attacked by ? Not sure what. An Observer Food Monthly perhaps. If only he knew that Moseley is home to the best rye and caraway bread, pistachio stuffed cannoli, Mumbai street food, a Michelin star and a secret garden.

Moseley has character to say the last and the best farmer's and craft's market in Birmingham. It's also a short walk away from the Midland Arts Centre where it's possible to see lots of French films featuring the rejected one from Four Weddings and an incredible selection of South Asian art's performances curated by SAMPAD. The MAC changed our lives growing up in the city. We were exposed to film, art and political opinions from all over the world...and then went to the cafes and bars in Moseley village to talk about it.

Lewis in Moseley is ideal for a full English. Fresh 'local' ingredients bursting with flavour. We often opt for the vegetarian breakfast (served all day) with a side of salmon and a banana almond shake just to remind ourselves that our tummies have a restricted capacity. Although there is always room for the Lewis's gluten-free peanut-butter brownie. Zindiya is a fav amongst streetfood lovers. We also enjoy a small Italian treat at Sapori di Sole - a Southern Italian deli also selling Seggiano pesto and pastes as well as a selection of fromaggi and Italian pastries and biscuits. Ricotta and pistachio stuffed cannoli.

Moseley is also home to the first Damascena - a Syrian café which serves mezze and a range of teas.