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Emerging from lockdown.

We've been giving thought to re-opening post-lockdown the Food School. Let us know what you think.

It is seven years since we committed to opening a cooking school at the site of The School Yard. Those of you who follow us on social media will see we are preparing for re-opening and have just re-vamped our beautiful parquet floors, an original feature of site which was built as a school in 1881.

In our original plans, we considered opening a deli/bakehouse so the public could pop in as cooking classes were taking place and enjoy a cup of coffee or pick up ingredients for home cooking. Knowing the history of the area and the recent experience of wine merchants, delis and bakeries, we decided instead to focus on creating a diverse timetable and expanding our client list. Prior to lockdown we were reaching full capacity as more training providers expressed interest in using the site to deliver culinary training to their hospitality clients. Although these plans were shelved as a result of lockdown, we are hopeful to return to this point as we emerge from the crisis.

We are fully aware that this may not be as soon as we would like so, are giving thought to utilising the space in other ways.

Our thoughts have turned to building a community who share a passion for food and enjoy learning about it. We are re-visiting the idea of a local deli as so many micro-businesses have been hit by the pandemic whilst new businesses have emerged as those who lost their jobs in the hospitality sector used their creative energies to turn to something new. We think the Food School may be an ideal space to sell food and drink prepared by local producers as well as food gift boxes (to go with our cooking classes), merchandise and cook books. Before we set off on this new adventure, we'd like to know what you think.

A survey will be published online or you can also e-mail