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Harborne Food School Welcome to Harborne Food School. We offer cookery classes, professional chef demonstrations and unique food experiences in our beautifully designed cookery school within the Grade II listed Clock Tower building on Harborne High Street, Birmingham. Our facilities are ideal for cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, food focus groups, food related training, private parties, private dining, team building and corporate events.

Lajina’s Thali Thursday – May

May 3, 2018
19.00 - 22.00

This class has already taken place.

Join us for an authentic Indian cooking experience in Birmingham. Learn to prepare…a thali rather than a balti. A thali is platter used to serve a variety of Indian dishes including a dal, a rice dish (eg cumin rice), one or two vegetable mains (eg vegetable kofta, matar paneer or aloo gobi), a yoghurt side (raita), chapati and a dessert. You’ll also learn how to prepare papadams.

At the start of the session you’ll be guided to prepare garam masala which is a blend of spices that you will use during the class and take home. We will explain variations in spice use between different parts of India. For example, some regions use more asafoetida (we call it the ‘stinky spice’) and others will use more ground coriander or cumin and add heat using fresh chili. Another key aspect of Indian cooking is preparing the ‘tarka’ a combination of onions, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, whole spices and ground spices which you will cover during the session. Lajina likes to add modern flavours to her recipes.

You be guided to prepare the key components of the thali (rice, dal, mains, raita)  as described above and also have a go at preparing chapatis. We will serve wine or Indian beer with the final nourishing meal.  The jury is out whether Indian wine is good enough but we’ve found a supplier that has created a wine for Indian food and also supplies our favourite Indian restaurants – Lasan and Raja Monkey (the image is of Raja Monkey Thali).
If there is enough interest, we are happy to organise a follow-up tour of an Asian supermarket.

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