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Welcome to Harborne Food School. We offer cookery classes, professional chef demonstrations and unique food experiences in our beautifully designed cookery school within the Grade II listed Clock Tower building on Harborne High Street, Birmingham. Our facilities are ideal for cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, food focus groups, food related training, private parties, private dining, team building and corporate events.

Knife Skills – July

July 24, 2017
18.30 - 21.30

This class has already taken place.


Boost your confidence in the kitchen. Knives are the essential kitchen tool and every cook needs to get to grips with them. If you are a beginner we will introduce you to a variety of kitchen knives and teach you how to use them safely. If you have experience already, we will show you how to refine your knife skills using recipes that demand cutting precision. Feel free to bring your own knife so we can show you how to sharpen and maintain your blades for ultimate cutting edge precision.

You will learn to use a chopping knife and filleting knife and given lots of opportunity to practice…

Chopping herbs (fine chop, rough chop and chiffonade)
Crushing garlic
Slicing, chipping and dicing eg potatoes or other root veg
Chopping and slicing onions
Slicing mushrooms to prepare a mushrooms a la creme recipe using garlic, herbs and mushrooms
Charlotte will demonstrate how to joint a chicken and how to fillet a round or flat fish. Participants will then practice their skills in pairs (one whole chicken and fish per pair). The timetable for the session is presented below.

18:30 – Intro to session, knives, sharpening and which knife to use for which task, which knives to buy
18:45 – Students to practice sharpening their knives
18:30 – Dem onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, mirepoix
19:00 – Dem chicken & roast pieces
19:45 – Students to practice chopping
20:15 – Students to make mushroom a la creme & cook roast potatoes
20:45 – Dem filleting flat/round fish & cook veg
21:00 – Sit down to eat supper and answer questions
21:30 – end of session
All leftover food can be taken home so don’t forget to bring take home boxes. There is usually enough food for a couple of days meals.

This session can be adapted for vegetarians – If you are vegetarian please contact us before booking as the ticket price is £10.00 less.

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